Work Experience

Head of Internal Audit Department, prev. Head of IT Internal Audit Bureau, Senior IT Auditor, Bank Pocztowy
February 2012 – Present 
I am responsible for:
– planning and performing the annual audit plan (maintenance the audit risk map as well);
– planning and conducting internal audits of the organization and affiliated enterprises i.e. in the areas of: IT & operational risk management, IT systems & processes, a compliance function, security management processes (IT security, data protection and cybersecurity), business continuity processes, liquidity & capital management processes;
– developing lists of recommendations and guidelines, monitoring their implementation and reporting to the board and to the audit committee;
– reviewing of the bank's compliance with regulatory and the company compliance standards;
– coordinating relationships between the bank and the Financial Supervisory Authority (KNF) regarding the implementation of recommendations;
– ensuring the effectiveness of the system of risk;
– ensuring the effectiveness of the system of internal control;
– designing, implementation and administration of the audit workflow system;
– the team management.

Director of Audit, prev. Director of Controlling and Investment, Main Architect, GreenPost
July 2009 – March 2012 
was responsible for:
– defining, implementing and testing the technical requirements of products in accordance with the regulations in Poland and the European Union (such as electronic transactions, electronic shipping documents, electronic payments, confirmation, accounting, tax issues);

 ensuring that projects are delivered according to the their scopes and on time;
– testing compliance services with the applicable regulations and the company standards; 
– evaluating of the effectiveness and streamlining business processes;
– ensuring the effectiveness of the system of risk and the system of internal control;
– planning and conducting audits inside the organization and affiliated enterprises; 
– developing recommendations and overseeing their implementation; 
– establishing organizational standards;
– monitoring and reporting; 
– financial planning & controlling.

Director, Capital Market Institute - WSE Research (Warsaw Stock Exchange Group)
November 2010 – February 2011 
I was responsible for:
– building and realization business strategy and business perspective process management;
– preparing of the operational, investment and financial plan;
– developing fixed and security training program; being one of the trainer;
– the internal management consulting;
– the sales and vendor process management (including negotiations);
– IT services and application process management;
– the trends analysis;
– the implementation of solutions for increasing services quality. 

Vice President, Member of the Board, prev. Senior Audit Manager, Business Excellence Institute
October 2005 – July 2008 
I was responsible for:
– business strategy definition and business operation management;
– ensuring that all projects are delivered according to the their scopes and on time;
– auditing and controlling processes, including: planning, budgeting and implementing of audit and advisory projects for selected customers (TOP 100); 
– evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the implemented methodologies, processes and procedures;
– the verification of compliance with the requirements of regulations and standards; 
– implementing solutions to monitor and reporting; 
– making recommendations and supporting the processes of their implementation; 
– coordinating accreditation procedures; 
– evaluating business risk management processes and implementing preventive procedures; 
– analyzing and implementing the revenue assurance process; 
– leading trainings and workshops;
– the team management (recruitment, training, motivation, evaluation).

Director (IT Services), Telekomunikacja Polska (France Telecom Group)
April 2003 – September 2005 
I was responsible for:
– developing and implementing IT service level management proces (SLM); 
– auditing and assessing the level of quality IT services (cost and KPI’s analysis); 
– examining consistency of IT processes; 
– planning and managing the revenue assurance process;
– designing of customer satisfaction questionnaire, analyzing their results and monitoring the implementation process of the post-survey recommendations (as a Director of Tech Customer Satisfaction Program);
– building and implementing strategies and processes to communication and PR for TP (R&D, IT, Telco);
– building and participating in the strategy of the company for the sale and delivery integrated ICT services and supervising over the correctness of the implementation projects for corporate Clients;
– reporting according to corporate standards (IAS, IFRS, internal TPSA, FT);
– the team management (recruitment, training, motivation, evaluation).

Head of IT Division – various management positions, ISO Auditor, PTK Centertel (Orange)
July 1997 – June 2003
I was responsible for:
– ensuring efficiency, effectiveness and credibility of risk management and hedging revenues (Revenue Assurance); 
– planning, implementing and ensuring the proper functioning of the IT services and processes; 
– defining IT standards;
– applications and systems management (i.e. Terminal Servers, Business Applications, ITSM systems, ERP and Data Warehouse systems);
– analyzing and implementing solutions to guarantee optimal use of ICT tools; 
– providing cost optimization (TCO reduction over 10% of the annual IT budget);
– implementing the service level management process (SLM); 
– IT security management, personal data protection; 
– building IT Service Desk and providing support to users of the IT systems; 
– auditing and recommending changes to the organization to increase the profitability of the IT activities;
– conducting internal business audits of the quality and processes (as an ISO Internal Auditor and a member of the team "Promoters of Quality"); 
– making and supervising implementation of recommendations;
– IT purchasing and logistics (annual budget over $6 million).